By: Donald Lee

Date: August 4th-7th 2020


As most people are working from home or taking online classes due to COVID-19, procrastination can be a huge problem. StudyHawk is a productivity timer that reminds you with notifications on when it is time for your break and when your break ends. Additionally, halfway through your productivity session, you will receive a friendly notification reminding you that you should not be procrastinating, just in case you are. When your break is about 75% over, you will also receive a friendly notification informing you that your break is almost over.


This project was inspired by pomodoro timers and the study timers at Leading Learners.

Key Languages and Tools:

What I learned

Initially, I planned on building the GUI with tkinter, however, I discovered that GUIs built with PyQt5 look much more modern. As a result, I decided to move towards PyQt5, despite it being much harder to learn. Since this is my first Python program containing a GUI, I found it difficult linking my functions with the GUI objects, but it was a great learning experience.
Designed and Coded by Donald Lee