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Shark Cult

By: Donald Lee, Henry Zhou and Matthew Quock

Date: August 27th - 29th 2021


Shark Cult is a web-based game created for SharkHacks3, an online hackathon from August 27th - 29th 2021 hosted by Major League Hacking. With this project, we were able to win in the prize category "Best Domain Name from".

Ever wanted to start a cult of sharks, or just practice your aim and eye coordination? Shark Cult is a web-based game where you tame sharks for points by clicking on them when they jump out of the water.



The inspiration behind the game comes from the shark theme given by the Hackathon. The gameplay is inspired by popular games such as Fruit Slash, and the idea of collecting sharks was inspired from popular Gacha games. We also decided to include Blahaj in the game because it’s a huge meme within MLH.

What it does

When playing the game, wild sharks will jump out of the water, and you can tame them by clicking on them before they run away. You don’t need to tame every shark you see, but if you attempt to tame a shark and fail 10 times, the game will end! The faster the shark, the more points you will earn. When you click a shark, it shrinks, becoming smaller to give off cute vibes and goes back into the water and swims back and forth. The more sharks you tame, the more sharks you will have at the end, and the higher your score will be! Additionally, a good reaction time and careful aim is essential to catch fast sharks. Don’t have that yet? Play more!

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop the front-end portion of the game. Javascript was used to dynamically create elements (spawn the sharks), make them move in a random direction, detect when the shark is clicked, remove non-clicked sharks, and detect when the user attempts to tame a shark but fails. CSS was heavily used to animate the sharks and ocean waves, but at the same time, to position elements and design the website. When the game ends, the user receives the option to add themselves and their score to the leaderboard. When the user adds themselves to the leaderboard, the data is processed through Python and then sent to our MongoDB database, hosted on Google Cloud.

As for our graphics, the sharks, clouds, and water were hand-drawn with ArtRage Lite. With the help of CSS animations, we were able to animate the water to look like there was a lot of water. The sharks were drawn to look cute and funny, and Figma was used to design the UI/UX design of Shark Cult.

Key Languages and Tools:


Modules and Libraries:

Additional tools used:


While we were developing the front-end, we had some trouble moving/formatting objects and texts around. This includes the animation of the waves and sharks.

Additionally, since we weren’t familiar with JavaScript and don’t use it a lot for our own personal side projects, we found it difficult using it to dynamically create elements such as sharks; this includes applying event listeners such as “onclick” and “animationend.” Since we were more familiar with Python, we also found it difficult switching to Javascript, as the syntax was really different, and choosing a random item in a list with Python is a lot simpler than doing that with JavaScript; as a result, a lot of Googling and research was done to complete this project.

We also had a significant problem with developing the leaderboard because it was not displaying the data in the correct order. After hours of googling, we decided to reach out to a MLH mentor for help, who then guided us to solve this issue within minutes!

What's next for Shark Cult?

We plan to keep it up for 1 year, asking friends to try it out and give us feedback. If we get positive reviews, we may plan to improve upon the game by adding new features.
Designed and Coded by Donald Lee